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In these challenging economic times, we still love to play bridge and experience the social connection that belonging to a top notch bridge club offers us. I've mentioned before just how important it is for a club to have an online presence. It is convenient and fun, it fosters a sense of community, thereby drawing in new members. And we Spotlight Bridgers make it an easy thing for you to accomplish. You do not have to be obscenely wealthy nor do you have to be internet or computer savvy. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and one of our PayPlans. Choose one:


With all plans, the subscription will begin immediately, so that work can start on your site. Hosting fees are paid separately at the time of your site going live. You will be instructed at that time as to how to proceed. Not to worry... it's easy!



     Clubs Package       Diamonds Pkg         Hearts Pkg           Spades Pkg










As you've undoubtedly figured out by now, you can save about $10 overall by paying the full amount for any of the Packages. But sometimes, it's smarter to pay over time when the savings for cash payment is not that great. Our Packages are priced right anyway so no matter which you choose, you can't lose!!!


If you have chosen your Package and your PayPlan and you are ready to get the ball rolling ... click here!



$62 per mo/5 mo.

$77.5 per mo/4 mo.

$103 per mo/3 mo.




$77 per mo/5 mo.

$96 per mo/4 mo.

$129 per mo/3 mo.




$92 per mo/5 mo.

$115 per mo/4 mo.

$153 per mo/3 mo.


Remember, if you are unfamiliar with computers...




We will give you detailed instructions and if all else fails, we are usually available to troubleshoot. And you can ask any one of our site owners: We answer calls ASAP!!!



$52 per mo/5 mo.

$65 per mo/4 mo.

$87 per mo/3 mo.


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