.  our website packages are designed to fit your budget and make you and your club members happy  .




We like to keep things simple around here. We speak in plain everyday language so that you can understand what we need from you so we can effectively develop a gorgeous, functional website for you. Communication. That's the first step.


Once you've decided on the package you want, we email, and/or chat on the phone so that I can describe for you what you'll need to do to help me work up the design to reflect your locale and your club. I will need pictures. Digital are best as they are easily submitted through email. But if you're doing 35mm, contact me and I'll tell you how we can work with them. The opening message to your members and guests is something that either you can write on your own or if that's not your strong suit, I'll be happy to help you.


After that, there's nothing for you to do except wait for us to send your mockup template and navigational plan for approval. This usually takes about a week. Once you tell us we are good to go, we GO like crazy to complete your site. When it's ready, we talk again on the phone, giving you final instructions, passwords and to answer any questions you may have. If you don't master the admin area right away, we are always there for you.


Could it BE any easier? We are committed to making it simple and painless.

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