.  a little about who we are and why we started this bridge website for bridge websites  .

 A website for your club is an excellent investment. Ask your members if they would enjoy the convenience of checking scores online... while sipping their coffee in full PJs attire.




That's a situation that isn't unheard of, I'm sure... it's just that THIS web designer bumped into a couple of forward thinking directors in her area and became involved in setting up a couple of really great functional sites. A lot of interest was incited not just in the clubs themselves, but in the potential of growing other clubs through this magical medium, our beloved internet.


Now, about US. I've been a commercial illustrator, designer, marketer for many years before there ever was an internet. I learned to work within the net framework in the early nineties, as that was where everything was headed and I could read the handwriting on the wall. So saying, I learned how to put a site together with some top quality attractive (to both the viewer and the owner) designs.


BUT ... I'm just the designer. It's the programmer who really makes it happen. Our programmer has had well over 25 years of hard copy experience in computer programming. He is efficient, creative and capable!  The proof of that pudding is to look, for example, at the Leelanau Bridge Club scoring pages.  Click on any name of any of the players and see what game enhancing learning information that comes up for the player.


We are both looking forward to working with you in bringing forth the kind of online presence that will serve your members well.

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